hierve el agua

hierve el agua, san lorenzo albarradas, oaxaca (2023)

Photography documenting the site of the “petrified waterfalls” of Hierve el Agua. Overlooking the Tecolutla Valley in Oaxaca, these natural rock formations resemble cascades of water due to the accumulation of minerals deposited by the bubbling spring water that has flowed down the rocks for thousands of years. The location draws significant tourism being one of only two calcified waterfalls in the world.

white sands

white sands, new mexico (2022)

The world’s largest white gypsum sand dunes located in the Tularosa Basin in the state of New Mexico. These unique dunes were slated to become a protected UNESCO world heritage site but the United States refused to have them designated as such because of concerns of having to shut down the surrounding military missile testing range they operate by the park.