xochimilco, ciudad de méxico (2021)

A photograph series documenting Xochimilco Ecological Park in the southern Mexico City borough during the coronavirus pandemic.

Noted for its trademark “trajineras”, boats similar to gondolas that ferry visitors and tourists alike, the park and surrounding canals are some of the few areas left in the Valley of Mexico that still retain a significant number of “chinampas”, pre-Hispanic artificial lake islands constructed for agricultural use by the Aztecs.

The area was declared a biological reserve by the Mexican government in 1984 and and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

mercado sonora

mercado sonora, ciudad de méxico (2021)

A series of photographs documenting the Sonora Market in Mexico City during the coronavirus pandemic. Established in 1957, the market is known for its large selection of medicinal herbs and occult items dedicated to the practice of Brujería, Santería, Voodoo and La Santa Muerte.


pandemia, cuautitlán, estado de méxico (2021)

A mobile series of photos from the point of view of a “combi” (microbus) ride in the State of Mexico taken during “semáforo rojo” (red light), the highest government alert for coronavirus contagion risk in the country. In recent years the danger of combi rides in the State of Mexico has increased with frequent muggings of commuters on public transit.