altar, mixed media, 2020

An altar I made for Día de Muertos in 2020 dedicated to the lives of children and adults that were cut short due to state violence and the coronavirus pandemic. The altar is composed of various food offerings and snacks for children. Along with refreshments, books, religious items and flowers.

In 2021, photography of the altar was featured in “Día de los Muertos” Art Exhibition at Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery in Seattle, Washington as well as in “Honrando a los Muertos” Art Exhibition by Freedom Arts Collective at Local Distro in Nashville, Tennessee.

The central space of the altar holds a place to honor the memory of those who have passed on from this world. Pictured below are three migrant children who died in I.C.E. custody. From left, Felipe Gomez Alonzo (8), Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez (16) and Jakelin Caal Maquin (7).

hoy no circula

hoy no circula, ciudad de méxico – estado de méxico (2017-2022)

“Hoy No Circula” is an environmental program started in 1989 to improve the air quality of Mexico City and the the State of Mexico, which surrounds Mexico City on three different sides.

The program consists of prohibiting the circulation of 20% of vehicles from Monday to Friday based on the last digit of their license plates. In 1992, the United Nations declared Mexico City the most polluted city on Earth. Since then, Mexico City’s air quality has improved but still faces significant challenges from pollution.

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Entre, mixed media collage (2020)

Entre is a work that came out of a time of sealed borders and quarantine lockdowns at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The collage engages in multifaceted ways with the liminal patchwork space of being “in between”, using a variety of found objects that reflect the fractured history of Latin America in the face of imperialist colonization.

Melding broken pieces of technology and ephemera from the natural world, the work opens a temporal rupture between the past and the ever evolving present. A bloody bullet hole shatters the glass frame piercing the natural world and opening the veins of Latin America during the colonial period of European pillaging.

The materials in the composition engage with aspects of indigenous resistance, armed revolt and social uplift in the continued struggle for liberation in defiance of the continual U.S. imperialist agenda of exploitation, regime change and destabilization of the region.


xochimilco, ciudad de méxico (2021)

A photograph series documenting Xochimilco Ecological Park in the southern Mexico City borough during the coronavirus pandemic.

Noted for its trademark “trajineras”, boats similar to gondolas that ferry visitors and tourists alike, the park and surrounding canals are some of the few areas left in the Valley of Mexico that still retain a significant number of “chinampas”, pre-Hispanic artificial lake islands constructed for agricultural use by the Aztecs.

The area was declared a biological reserve by the Mexican government in 1984 and and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

chickens coming home to roost

chickens coming home to roost, dallas, texas (2020)

A visual documentation of the site of John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. The former U.S. president’s assassination sparked a plethora of conspiracy theories in the American popular consciousness that persist to this day.

Kennedy’s administration escalated U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War and oversaw a failed U.S. military invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. Various white supremacist terrorist bombings by segregationists in the south targeting civil rights activists occurred during his term in office. At news of the assassination, African-American leader and human rights activist Malcolm X infamously likened it to “chickens coming home to roost”.

“Political Statement” Exhibition

Una Separacion, 2019, 3:56, digital video, b&w

My video art piece Una Separación was recently featured in a mixed media format of still and moving image as part of an international group exhibition by LoosenArt entitled “Political Statement”. The piece was on display from February 1-8, 2022 at Millepiani Gallery in Rome, Italy. Below is my piece followed by some images from the exhibition.


Colibrí, 2021, mixed media artist book

In 2021 I co-curated an artist book with Palestinian artist Ali El-Chaer entitled Colibrí. This book was composed of twelve different art works from various international genderqueer artists who created various pieces defining their queerness through the interpretive lens of a “flag”. The funds from the sale of the book will be redistributed to cover the transitioning costs of trans artists. The images below show my contribution to the project. The book can be purchased here.