erasure 2.0

erasure 2.0, (2022) digital collage

“Erasure 2.0” continues a digital collage photo series that deals with the theme of Western censorship by U.S. based social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The collage is composed of the last three photographic portraits I posted of my family on Mother’s Day on a new Instagram art account in 2022. I had the account for a week before Instagram locked me out of my account with no further explanation.

This piece engages with the historical erasure of indigenous people by Western institutions through genocidal violence and whitewashed colonial teachings of history and draws a link to the ongoing successor to this legacy in the tech industry. White supremacist tech companies such as Google and Facebook, which have deep ties to the United States surveillance state and military industrial complex, actively work to uphold racist algorithms and systems of oppression such as Israeli apartheid and limit which posts circulate widely on their sites. These platforms are increasingly used to suppress dissent and silence activist voices in the Global South.

This piece was also inspired in part by the recent controversy surrounding Facebook’s role in fueling the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, founder Mark Zuckerberg’s colonization of Hawaii, and Meta’s decision to allow for death threats and calls for violence towards Russians and glorification of the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Azov battalion to be hosted on their social media platforms this year.

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