altar, mixed media, 2020

An altar I made for Día de Muertos in 2020 dedicated to the lives of children and adults that were cut short due to state violence and the coronavirus pandemic. The altar is composed of various food offerings and snacks for children. Along with refreshments, books, religious items and flowers.

In 2021, photography of the altar was featured in “Día de los Muertos” Art Exhibition at Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery in Seattle, Washington as well as in “Honrando a los Muertos” Art Exhibition by Freedom Arts Collective at Local Distro in Nashville, Tennessee.

The central space of the altar holds a place to honor the memory of those who have passed on from this world. Pictured below are three migrant children who died in I.C.E. custody. From left, Felipe Gomez Alonzo (8), Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez (16) and Jakelin Caal Maquin (7).

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