Entre, mixed media collage (2020)

Entre is a work that came out of a time of sealed borders and quarantine lockdowns at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The collage engages in multifaceted ways with the liminal patchwork space of being “in between”, using a variety of found objects that reflect the fractured history of Latin America in the face of imperialist colonization.

Melding broken pieces of technology and ephemera from the natural world, the work opens a temporal rupture between the past and the ever evolving present. A bloody bullet hole shatters the glass frame piercing the natural world and opening the veins of Latin America during the colonial period of European pillaging.

The materials in the composition engage with aspects of indigenous resistance, armed revolt and social uplift in the continued struggle for liberation in defiance of the continual U.S. imperialist agenda of exploitation, regime change and destabilization of the region.

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